Preparing to hibernate

Brrrr. Summer officially ended at the end of February and there has been no real sign of a proper Indian Summer. Autumn has (in my area at least) been colder than I would like. The first of the winter blankets has appeared on the bed, the glasses of cold coke have been replaced by mugs of hot chocolate and I am thinking longingly of layers. My winter sewing wishlist has begun. First on the to do list is polar fleece mittens and wrist warmers. Not knitting was seriously depressing me, I would love a nice pair of knitted wristwarmers but then duh, I remembered I sew. Sheesh. So polar fleece is top of the to buy list. I have tried sewing with it before and my machine hated it but I am determined to get it right. My hands and feet have serious trouble with the cold and I really don’t want the painful frozen feeling this year. Ohhh polar fleece socks….worth a try! And a fleecy scarf. Oh yeah, I can feel the sewing urge coming on strong!

The coming of winter also means I get domestic thoughts. My 30th birthday is just over 2 weeks away and I am hoping that I will get enough money for a breadmaker. Between the increased cost of bread and the desire to know what goes into my food I can’t wait to get all old fashioned and make bread more often. I’ve only done it 3 or 4 times by hand simply because it’s time consuming but it’s also delicious so this is my modern cheat at an old fashioned thing.

There’s a mouse in my house. The damn feline bought it in a couple of weeks ago and we oeriginally thought it had found its way back outside until the oven started rattling alarmingly. It hides inside the body of the oven, safe and warm, dropping out of the warming drawer occasionally to terrify me. Glue traps have turned out to be USELESS and we can’t lay poison because of the cat so we have to buy snap traps when we get some money in a day or two. Dave is laidback (FAR TOO LAIDBACK) about it, “they’re small, he’s more scared than you are of it” but I’m not buying that crap. I caught it running along the bench twice this weekend and have set up the bench so that if it comes out again I have plenty of clear space to try aim the frying pan at it….oh God, I just saw it again. My heart can’t take this. It’s enormous. The cat shows zero interest in catching it. I’m going to the library until Dave gets home!


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6 responses to “Preparing to hibernate

  1. It would seem hibernation has hit the whole house…all creatures great and small.

    Seems odd..when we are craving for spring to start here… :o)

  2. Have you checked yard sales and thrift shops for a bread maker? I found one for $5 that is wonderful and have fought off the urge to buy the last two $5 bread makers at the local thrift shop. Good luck πŸ™‚

  3. mia

    Martha Stewart was raving about a bread recipe called No Knead Bread from the NY newspaper recently. I googled it and saved it but haven’t tried it yet (there is an update to the recipe and some videos, too). If you heat the oven up it will force the mouse out, but where he goes … no one knows ! Good luck, i had a swarm that would steal food out of my finche’s cage … finally had to break down and use the “death traps” … so sad, said a prayer or too … hope they are in mouse heaven now !

  4. my3boysandi

    the evenings are cooler however we went went to ocean spa tonight

    I like the wrist warmers

    dont blame u about the mouse and if B13 where with u hed be screaming πŸ™‚ LOL

  5. bookwormbethie

    regarding fleece & your sewing machine, i spontaneously bought an issue of ‘sew simple’ magazine (vol 11) and there is actually an article in there about sewing with fleece!

    to sum up
    *use long sharp pins to hold the fleece together or basting tape that will dissolve in water.
    *use a 12/80 or 14/90 universal, stretch, or ballpoint sewing machine needle with a rounded tip (I have no idea what this means since I don’t have a machine)
    *the needle will dull a lot quicker sewing on fleece
    *use polyester thread with fleece (like coats & clark)
    *stitch with a longer stitch length
    *use less pressure than usual on the machine presser foot as you sew

    can’t wait to see what your mittens look like!

  6. Those glue traps will work, but you have to have the right bait in them, and you need to try and set them right in the middle of the little buggers path.

    Ours liked to eat fruit snacks. LOL

    (The other horrible part is that then you have to find a way to kill it once it is stuck to that glue. Oy.)

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