Found: one slightly worse for wear Mojo

After ummm….about 4.5 months with no desire at all to embroider I finally picked up the needle with enthusiasm. Around the time we moved here Ibecame burnt out, it began to feel like punishment to stitch. I did it all the time and I guess I overdosed on it. Last month I ran an embroidery swap on Swap-bot at someones request but my heart wasn’t in it. I started to get more than a little down about my lack of interest in my favourite hobby. But I joined another swap on Swap-bot anyway, just to test the waters. Well I meant to pull out because of the craft fair chaos I am surrounded in but I forgot. So I put it all to one side, picked a couple of Spring related designs and sat down with my beloved Q-snap to stich.


And I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed the act of enjoying it. I was so relieved that my mojo was starting to return. I loved watching the picture get filled in on the fabric. I think the word moderation will apply from now on, a little at a time if that’s what it takes to maintain my interest. It just feels so good to be enjoying what I really love once more.

Spring seedling



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13 responses to “Found: one slightly worse for wear Mojo

  1. I can so relate to this! Sometimes I just not in an embroidering mood for a period of time. Though it’s more like days or weeks than months in my case.

  2. Joy

    I’m glad you found your mojo! Your embroidery is lovely.

  3. Your stitching is amazing…just curious, do you use 2 or 3 strands of floss? Your stitches look so even with no gaps.

  4. lovely embroideries. we’ve both been stitching rabbits! yours are so sweet.

  5. Cute! Oh, and I was so inspired by your last giveaway, that I’m having one of my own.

  6. Such talent…beautiful. x

  7. Really lovely! You clever thing.

  8. Don’t you just love the Q Snap?? Kristi from Stitchy Sticherson got me hooked!! I like your bunny!! So cute! But then all your goodies are!!! Blessings!! Miss P

  9. bookwormbethie

    glad your mojo came back, mr xstitch borrowed mine last time so maybe he borrowed yours too 😉

    that bunny is darling. i find after lots and lots of hand sewing i need a wee break and then i actually enjoy embroidery even more since it’s free form and there aren’t any rules (lines) to follow!

  10. Loverly, so glad you got your mojo back! Rachaelxo

  11. Beautiful embroidery! I love the bunnies. ♥ So glad you found a way to keep yourself going. What a loss it would be if you stopped – such perfect, exquisite stitches.

  12. eva

    Sometimes I don’t feel about embroidering at all! But as soon as I sit down and take my needle and “Bunny” – all my love and enthusiasm is back!
    So sometimes, it really needs just to start on something and the rest comes for itself 🙂

  13. Those embroideries are super cute and your stitches are perfect !

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