Sew fun

Last weekend we went to the recycling centre to drop off some stuff and as usual we had a peek in the shop. And as usual when we had no money on us there was something I had to have:

Sew retro

I hid it away in a shelving unit and hoped all week that my hiding place would work. Luckily it did and I was able to buy it this morning. It’s missing the extension table part and I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to actually put a battery in to test if it works (there’s a fair amount of rust on the bottom near the battery compartment) but I love it anyway and think it looks just as good on display. I don’t really have space to display it properly so it may end up on Etsy eventually but for now I am going to shove some mess out of the way and display it proudly. And the best part of all? Dave pointed it out to me at the shop. He points all sorts of cool finds out to me that he thinks I might like and I didn’t even have to train him. So proud of that man!

I am Busy McRushed this weekend but I did finally get a chance to finish this:

Tic tac toe travel set

It’s a travel tic tac toe set and the pieces (there’s spares just in case) store in the back in an envelope opening pocket. I wish we had this sort of thing as kids on those long car trips! I bet my mum does too. Are we there yet?… What’s the next place we go through?….how long until we do?….What’s next? And then? And then? It’ll be at the fair but I think I will make a few for Etsy. Parents NEED these sort of things!



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8 responses to “Sew fun

  1. I’m having ‘little sewing machine’ envy! Love it.xx

  2. Oh, That machine is awesome! I love your little tic tac toe game, very cute! It would be a lifesaver on car trips!

  3. Love the tic tac toe set!
    What a sweet man Dave is to point out that sewing machine to you.

  4. GREAT find on the sewing machine – how cute is it? Even if it doesn’t work it just looks so cool. I’ve seen a few on my travels but haven’t dared buy one yet because we have nowhere to put and I don’t want something else sitting in a box! Hope all’s going well with getting ready for the fair. Is tic tac toe the same as noughts and crosses?! x

  5. Joy

    I LOVE the tic-tac-toe! I agree that parents need those so I’m sure they’ll do great on etsy. 🙂 Oh, and the sewing machine is fabulous!

  6. How cute is that, both actually! Rachaelxo

  7. Looove the pink sewing machine! You are such a lucky girl!!

  8. You tic tac toe is so sweet. I dig your blog, lots of cuteness. Thanks!

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