Gasp! A crafty post!

Yes! I finally finished making something! For a minute I was feeling like the WIP Queen. But now, as long as I don’t catch sight of my workbasket, I finally think I’m making progress. The craft fair is 1 month away today so progress is a very good feeling! Every time I do a craft fair I remember why I don’t do craft fairs – stress, staying up all night for days leading up to it, being harder than usual to live with etc. But it’s worth it when I make things like this:

Bird in the clouds mobile

It began to feel like I had been working on this mobile for a lot longer than the very long time it actually took. It felt so good to be able to string it up today and have the rain stop just in time for me to take the outdoor photos I wanted to. Although it is very hard to take a good photo of a mobile and there is also a small problem. I made it to hang over my craft fair stall and it has turned out way too big to hang the way I planned (cheaply). Oops. Wanna buy a really long mobile? The price is ‘cheep, cheep’. Oh, that was bad.

Mobile close up


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7 responses to “Gasp! A crafty post!

  1. Wow, that’s really gorgeous! I know how hard it is to take a nice photo of a mobile – yours looks great.

  2. Joy

    Well, despite the very long time, it looks lovely. 🙂

  3. That mobile turned out beautifully!

  4. they are pretty!
    i wish i was having babies again – there is so much beautiful craftiness out there for them. unfortunately i was not into crafting when i had them 😦
    never mind – i can always hang out for grandchildren – hahaha

  5. Oh wow! That is lovely – a little bub would just love that….xx

  6. Lovely, and I bet it’s just as lovely up close. I should know. I’m lucky enough to own a piece of your stitching!

  7. Love your mobile and sorry about getting the Kiwiana patches first!! x

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