Available to swap

Does anyone want to do a swap with me? I haven’t gotten any mail more exciting  than the power bill for ages and it’s super boring. Admittedly the bill does get my heart racing (right before it flat lines) but it’s not the same as a nice parcel addressed to me. And those little notes in the mailbox telling me the parcel was too big to deliver so I have to go to the post office…don’t even get me started on how much I love those. Umm…do I need to socialise with real people more often or what?

Anyway I have this to swap:

Available to swap

A Japanese embroidery book. called Cute Embroidery Design Collection. It’s so adorable but I bought it months ago and haven’t used it so I’d rather swap it for something I’m going to use with someone who would like it. It’s in pretty much the same perfect condition I bought it in.

Make me a swap offer. Things I know I need/want include wool felt, black safety eyes, patterned bias binding, a tropical island holiday, linen, light purple or light green FQ’s, the Spring 09 issue of Living Crafts magazine. Is that bossy enough? Those are just ideas anyway so leave a comment if you’d like to swap and what you’re willing to swap for.

And can I just take a moment to self promote? I made my 10th etsy sale yesterday! Double figures at last! Yay me! Thanks so much to those 10 customers!



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10 responses to “Available to swap

  1. i would swap with you but i’ve never really done any stitching – always wanted to but never really got into it. i agree with you though – the mail these days is crap and it would be nice to get something decent in the mail.

  2. Congratulations to your 10th sale!!!!
    As for swap, I REALLLLLLLY would love this embroidery book!!! I can swap Quilts Japan, issue 7/08. What do you say? Or would you only like something from your list?

  3. Joy

    Wow! I wish I had one of the things on your list. My daughter is studying Japan right now and is doing a presentation on the Japanese language, and she’d love to peruse something so lovely while working on her project. 🙂

  4. Jo-Ann

    Hi! I think I have all of the things you want except for the patterned bias binding and the tropical island holiday. Plus, I’m de-stashing, so I’m happy to swap!

  5. I’ve seen this book, and think its so cute, and would love to trade stuff for it. I’m not sure if I have anything on your list though. I do have plenty of really cool fabric, and I have lots of embroidery patterns as well, originals, and others. I could get you the spring issue of Living Crafts?
    Thanks for the offer! It really is a great looking book. I totally know what you mean about mail, I’ll try and make it a specially cute package!

  6. I have a couple of Homespun magazines from AU. Also some white or pink felt.

  7. bookwormbethie

    well lucky ducky you, how are you going to choose who you are going to swap with?! if EVERYBODY above my comment bails, drop me a note. I’m quite interested but also might pass out when I hear how much it costs to ship to NZ 😉

  8. Would love to swap but am over the pond. Love the blog and love to come back and have a look every so often. Love the work too.

  9. i’m ALWAYS up for a swap…but i’ve got this one already…sounds like it’s taken anyway. congratulations on your shop! may you have continued success. xx

  10. Congratulations on your etsy sales – it must be so amazing to have someone want to buy your things! Good luck for the future – I just saw that you want to have 100 sales! x

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