What are these?

Does anyone have any idea what the heck these things are?

What are these?

I got them ages ago and never came close to an idea for using them so I want to list them in my etsy shop (I just hit 9 sales, yay!) but I really think it would help to know what they are rather than listing them as ‘thingies’ or ‘doodads’. Plus it just plain bugs me not knowing. They’re made of a thin cotton, about 23″ tall and 30″ across and the embroidered duckies look machine embroidered but not professional, more like a home sewing machine with a digital card. They’re very retro cute and I think they’d be sweet little curtains or something for a boys room but I don’t think that’s what they actually are. I wondered if they are bassinet sheets and the duckies fold over the top of a blanket. They seem a little short and wide  for that but not by much – not that I would even know anyway. How big are bassinet top sheets? Does anyone have any suggestions for what they are or what they might be good for? I really appreciate any input you have!

And if you’re reading this in a reader won’t you click through to my blog and ooh and aah over my new header? The heart was a present from Elizabeth of Creative Breathing and I love it to pieces so I thought I would show it off. Isn’t she uber talented?


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11 responses to “What are these?

  1. Erin

    Beautiful new header – congratulations!

  2. i would say either bassinet sheets or pram sheets but they are a weird size. just call them thingy watzits – ready to be used for whatever your heart desires.

  3. my3boysandi

    I do like your new header

    and im pretty sure that your right when you say you think they are bassinet sheets very nice too

  4. Bronwyn

    I think they could possibly be antimacassars ( a cloth used on the back of a lounge chair or sofa to stop the old-fashioned men’s hair products from staining it).

  5. Your new blog header is very cute. So are the ducky sheets? I’m not sure what they are, but I agree, they’d make nice curtains.

  6. Molly

    I can’t tell what the size is that well, but could they be to sew your own pillow covers?

  7. She probably had a very specific use for them when she made them, so you may never know what she *meant* for them to be.

    I say call them cafe curtains. You would hang them with those clippy things.

  8. they could be receiving blankets – for swaddling very new babies still getting used to going to sleep without being confined to their mum’s ueterus anymore. They’re usually made of something light, like muslin or loose-weave cotton.
    Oh, that heart is lovely. Good choice!

  9. bookwormbethie

    i would guess they are tea towels. the ones i stitch on are sized 28″x28.”

    congrats on the 9 sales! I’m at 4!

  10. bookwormbethie

    Or could they be really big napkins, but you could fold them lengthwise and place them in your lap?

  11. Jane

    Depending on the size they may be clothespin curtains. I have several from my Great-grandmother and Grandmother. During the depression they were used for half curtains and handy women decorated them to add color to the rooms. I have some with flowers, dancing children and birds. Most people did not have rods or poles to hang them on and they were hung with string and held up with clothespins or Pegs depending on where you are from. Let us know what you do with them.

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