A celebration

Of the season that is coming to an end. It’s been the best summer I can remember.

Of the seasons that are coming. Cosy, snuggling, cat cuddles, embroidery by the heater, hot chocolate. This will be my mantra very soon.

Of cats, dogs, babies and children. Cute, funny, wise, silly and I love them all.

A celebration of living life and loving life. Here’s to celebrating!

A celebration - season passing, season coming. And cats and kids cos you know...they're flippin' cute!

1. Ready for Winter!, 2. a nap with space, 3. everywhere we go, 4. Happiness is…, 5. felted bouquet from herdise, 6. Sadie with a dandelion , 7. IMG_0828, 8. Apple , 9. tongue, 10. red-sunglasses-2, 11. midwinter sunbathing 2, 12. natural creme silk hat, 13. Solstice, 14. The Conservatory Garden in Central Park, 15. embroidering, 16. Japanese Bridge



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4 responses to “A celebration

  1. Such a cute collage! I love reading blogs from my friends in the southern hemisphere….so nice to read about the sun in the midst of winter here, and the cooler days of winter when it’s hot here. 🙂

  2. Oh I love this mosaic! 🙂 I am so happy to be celebrating winter’s end and on to summer. (Well at least the Pacific Northwest’s version of summer 🙂

  3. We are going INTO summer so we are complete opposites on the seasons! What a wonderful collage/mosaic to summarize your summer. I can’t WAIT for summer! We have had a few days that have me wanting for more days like today! I hope you have a wonderful winter solstice!

  4. I agree Steph it has been a wonderful summer…..looking forward to the changing of the leaves and wonderful colour of Autumn! xx

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