in a state of flux

Thats a really nice way of saying that I am fed up to my eyeballs of living in a tiny house with no storage, no space, no privacy and too much wind. Things are changing. There has been more rearranging of furniture. Hitting my foot on the rockers of my rocking chair so many times has given me what google informs me is a ganglian cyst. A squishy ball of fluid on my foot. Urghhh. Thankfully we’re already booked to go to the doctor on Tuesday anyway to do the medical forms for the adoption paperwork. I can’t wait to get that done, another hurdle done (a $75 hurdle at that).

I haven’t felt crafty lately and it may be the heat but I suspect it’s mostly because my sewing desk looks like this:


It’s in danger of all being swept right into the bin in an attempt to feel less cluttered. I suspect we’ll be moving north earlier than my self-imposed April 2010 deadline. This lack of everything is driving me nuts. In an effort to try enjoy where we are now I have been thrifting a little more and scored a couple of times. The three on the left cost 80 cents, the three on the right were from the free bins.

Thrift scores

I think my favourite find (although that tiny tales book is SO close) is these puppets.

Thrifted puppets

The boy needs his strings shortened but they are in very good condition and only cost $4. I’ve been amusing myself all day playing with them. Although every time I do I think of this. I have to say it’s driving me nuts. Luckily I haven’t started to sing it…yet.



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5 responses to “in a state of flux

  1. bookwormbethie

    oh that tiny tales book looks wonderful. is it illegal to take a pic of a page to show us?

    I don’t know what your budget it like or what shops in your area have, and I forget if your landlord will let you put nail holes in the wall, but have you thought about hanging some shelves or storage cubes?

  2. my3boysandi

    hope the doc can help

    I spy another wall hanger šŸ™‚

    your moving up north at some stage???
    where too???

    I LOVE Little Golden books and those puppets wow my friend what an excellent find

  3. Sounds painful! Your desk looks like a small version of what my garage did look like! Rachaelxo

  4. Oh Steph, that foot sounds painful! Good luck with the adoption process, so exciting to be one step closer! Love your finds….xx

  5. Amy Atkinson

    I LOVE Brambly Hedge. They are my favorite books from my childhood, and I have a nice collection of the china. Good find!

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