Cleaning in the corners

I don’t know what I would find if I actually cleaned in the corners *shudder* but I am fed up with the cramped conditions in this house and so if it doesn’t get used often, if it lies still long enough or if I just don’t care about it any more then it is going. I crave space and the freedom to move without injury to my knee caps, ankles or toes. I am also feeling the urge to purge my craft supplies and get down to a minimal level. Nothing like a blank slate to fuel creativity. Theres a couple of toddler dress patterns and a baby toy/blanket/wrap pattern in my shop now.

The cleaning has been inspired by a bad weekend. We lost hot water when our water tank element burnt out and after an evening of tepid showers (not unwelcome in this heat actually) we rang the property managers not expecting much based on past uselessness. Surprisingly about an hour later a hot young electrician came to repair it. It’s fixed now but the hot water will not be back for 4-6 hours and the hot tap will run brown until tomorrow from the stirred up silt in the tank. Yick! I guess the sink full of dishes will just have to wait, darn it.

Chocolate cake test 1: packet mix

still no threat to Martha

Yuk. At $2 plus an egg and some milk Iwas not expecting much but I was hopeful. The amount of ingredients in a from scratch cake is a pain but at least it is bigger than a packet mix cake. It was also slightly dry and a wee bit bland. Maybe if I had tried a better brand it would be nicer but frankly cheating isn’t quite as nice as a ‘dirty-your-clothes-with-cocoa-use-all-the-bowls-you-own-flour-everywhere’ cake made from scratch. Plus I accidentally put too much water in when I made the icing and was too lazy/tired to fix it so it just mostly rolled right off the cake and left it nearly naked. All in all… a failure in my book. On to the next recipe to try I think.


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4 responses to “Cleaning in the corners

  1. I grew up making things mostly from packets. Now, with my daughters, I’ve been trying to bake from scratch both because it tastes good and in hopes that there will be some sort of math lesson there. The first few times I did it, it really surprised me that it doesn’t take that much more effort. And once you get into the habit of baking you know what to keep on hand.

  2. You’re quite persistent with those chocolate cakes. šŸ˜‰ I know that one of these days, you’re going to come up with a real winner, and it will all be worth it!

  3. You need some better cake recipes. I have some where you mostly just dump everything into the mixing bowl and mix with an electric beater. Cake mix is just kind of depressing to me.. šŸ˜‰

    This one is a really delicious chocolate cake:

  4. mia

    i like adding cold coffee instead of water to a chocolate cake and sometimes i’ll add spices to a white cake mix … maybe next time i’ll try coffee AND spices in my chocolate cake … my sister found a recipe for using mayonnaise instead of eggs … says it tastes better that way … some website had a whole article about it – Cooks ? – there is a “science” to cooking and baking, which is why i really should follow recipes … maybe … someday

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