The use what you have, no time at all, don’t care if it’s straight wall hanging pattern caddy…and a pair of cutie patootie booties

This house is temporary but it’s still probably another year until we move north. It’s going to be a tough, tough year. This house has no storage. Not even a cupboard in the bathroom. The shower is so pathetic it’s like being peed on. I actually feel dirtier after a shower. From our living room we can see right into the cottage down the back of the property. I call the guys who live there Warty and Waddly. The lady downstairs snores like a plane taking off. We can hear it through our bedroom floor even with a fan on. The neighbours cats beat up on Rastus when he only wants to be friends. And we’re not allowed to put tiny holes in the wall to hang stuff on. But I decided I had had enough of the rules and pushed a thumbtack into the wall yesterday. What a rebel. But somehow my craft storage solutions have all ended up in Dave’s computer room and I decided that I had to make another wall hanging, this time one just for my patterns.

pattern caddy

I used what I had lying around – a length of stripy canvas, some Hello Kitty cotton fabric I bought nearly 2 years ago and hadn’t used yet to back it, bias binding to trim the pockets and reduce seam bulk and a wooden ball bar thing that I thrifted. The pockets were random sizes, I just made sure I included a little one for cut out templates, a big one for bigger patterns and a couple of medium ones. It looks awesome, took an evening to make, cost nothing outside of what I had lying around and freed up some much needed shelf space. Plus seeing my patterns every day means I might, might actually use them. But then I also have plans to lose 40 lbs and it turns out I’m not really into planning thank you very much.

And because I am seriously on a craft bender (I am really loving having my mojo back) I tackled making a pair of baby booties. I wanted to a long time ago but the instructions put me off. It turns out that paying attention goes a long way plus it’s a scrapbusting project. You just have to make sure you have enough scraps for two booties before you begin *ahem* it was a close call. I’d like to sell them, I think it would be a good way to earn adoption money but I also know other people like Louise sell them (and wow, hers are beautiful! I have my eye on a gorgeous pink pair.) and I don’t want to step on anyones toes.

baby shoes

I tried to take a photo of them on a model but the cat didn’t think much of my idea.

BTW thanks for the recipes, you guys really came through! The box mix idea was probably my personal fave but I definitely plan on trying them all. Oh, the suffering Dave is in for – being forced to eat yummy chocolate cake every day.


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10 responses to “The use what you have, no time at all, don’t care if it’s straight wall hanging pattern caddy…and a pair of cutie patootie booties

  1. my3boysandi

    what a LONG title!!!

    Im sori your place isnt very good
    we arent suppose to hang things up either but Im a bit of a rebel too

    how much would one of those wall hangers be???


  2. Hey what a great idea! I’m trying to come up with some sort of storage for my patterns – I’m sure they get up to mischief at night… they seem to multiply out of control when I’m not looking… Cute shoes too.

  3. A great soulution to your problem…..looks lovely too.xx

  4. Those little booties are adorable! I would have completely ignored the no holes in the wall rule as well. Just put a little white toothpaste in the holes before you move and no one will know. 😉 Your wall hanging/storage pockets turned out great.

  5. the words ‘force feed’ and chocolate cake don’t figure in this family. they could eat it all day!
    love the slippers.
    i loved your comment about paying attention to the instructions – i’ve just realised that all these things that i thought were too hard, or didn’t work out were actually do-able – i just had to follow the instructions step by step – and not miss out some like i usually do!!!

  6. That is a very cute wall hanger for your patterns! and I agree with the previuos post, fill the holes with a bit of toothpaste! Where did you get the pattern /instructions for the booties? Or how did you sew the back piece to the toe piece?

  7. bookwormbethie

    i love your storage organizer thingie. it’s great! you have so many patterns! are they vintage or new or a mix of both? stuff to sew for you or are the patterns just all kinds of types?

    your booties are darling! and please please please get you kitty to wear them!

    and yay for craft benders! isn’t it great to feel energized and happy and inspired to make things?! it’s a blessing!

    also, sorry about your tough living situation. earplugs perhaps at night to keep the snoring away???

  8. That is too funny about the cat model!! I got a chuckle!

  9. i love the wall hanger! That works out perfectly for patterns. I have quite a lil collection going now…and I need something to contain them. I think i’ll work on one!

    sonia (from swap-bot)

  10. chroniclesofababycatcher

    Do you sell these hanging caddies?

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