Year of the packrat

I make no secret of my great love of Dave.

We love Dave

But the habits that come with the man…not so loveable. His packrat mentality mostly. He doesn’t think it’s much of a problem. I once cleaned out the pantry and threw out sachets that expired in 2002….in 2008. I just threw out pills, ointments, suntan lotions and lip balms – some of which expired in 1996!! It gets worse though. When I throw expired stuff out I really have to throw it out well. Cos if he finds it chances are it’ll appear back in the bathroom.

Bane of my life: “Why did you throw this out? It’s still got stuff in it”

Me: “It expired in 2004. It’s gone gummy.”

Bane of my life: “It’s fine”

Me: “You are disgusting. Seriously”

As for the old concert tshirts….we moved over 2 1/2 months ago and there’s still 2 boxes and a bag of his clothes that are unopened. I have been trying to throw most of them out for two years. They’re raggedy, way too small for him now and I wouldn’t be seen in public with him in a single one of them. And yet if I tried to throw them out…I hate to think. The man has at least 5 times as many clothes as I do. Sometimes men are lucky we women love them.

Dave loves us too

But I’m also pretty lucky he loves me back πŸ™‚


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8 responses to “Year of the packrat

  1. jen

    aww love is in the air
    Im pleased for you both πŸ™‚

  2. I hear ya! The pack rat in my family is my daughter though. When I throw some things away, I make sure to hide them carefully at the bottom of the trash can.

  3. Turn his old concert t-shirts into a quilt. That’s what I plan to do with mine. When I learn to sew. And quilt.

  4. My husband used to make us keep this pair of cowboy boots. We carted them from state to state, house to house, and so on, even though he had not put them anywhere near his feet in 10 years! 10 years! We finally got rid of them last year. (Along with a lot of other stuff like that, lol.)

  5. bookwormbethie

    hilarious little story, i guess cuz it’s not my reality πŸ˜‰ but still, from other stuff you shared, he’s still a keeper!

  6. Awww :o) funny stories! That is one of the aspects of living together that I know I’m going to have to get over. I’m kind of a perfectionist… so yes. I must work on it, otherwise it will drive me crazy later!

  7. chroniclesofababycatcher

    Do you sell hanging caddies?

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