A very light heart

Thanks for all your kind words yesterday. My view is if she doesn’t want a grandchild then I will happily help her out with that. For my part the adoption papers are posted and will be there tomorrow. I will love my child, no matter where it came from. I really have to breathe deeply when I think about it. Too much excitement. I have a very light heart today. Things are working for me and for us and right at this very moment I feel like we’re making progress. Money, crafts, relationship – all clicking along. While I sit and handstitch some more (so pretty but SUCH a slow craft) here is a mosaic of some seriously cute photos from Flickr. Babies and cats and toys – I know, I know….you’d never guess I want a baby would you?  But really, who can resist those faces?

Serious cuteness

1. natural creme silk hat, 2. Bridget, 3. Custom Large Doll, 4. Sabrina, 5. Pounce’s green eyes, 6. Rough Day, 7. Ava and Baby Paa Baa, 8. Happy New Year!, 9. sleeping maya and baby clara, 10. delight, 11. Bug Trio 1, 12. bonnet-2, 13. tucked in. tuckered out., 14. My Norwegian Forest Cat, 15. charlie likes vintage too, 16. Sadie standing on a garden seat



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6 responses to “A very light heart

  1. my3boysandi

    worth all the work you get with looking after them

  2. micheleleigh

    adorable! i love that doll in the third picture. 🙂

  3. ” You know all the things kids get told – don’t touch that, pointings rude, don’t talk to that person etc etc it’s all training for adulthood where there’s no time for beauty.” Thanks for visiting my blog (Ellie)

    My favourite is ‘be careful’ stopping children from exploring. Now I’m not advocating letting children do DANGEROUS THINGS however, Be careful can be used to stop children learning – yeah, even from making harmless mistakes.

  4. What a surprise to follow a link from Heart Felt and see a picture of my doll, Bridget, on your blog. Thank you for including her in your love;y mosaic.

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