A craft flood

Thank you all so much for the comments on the hexagon dolls quilt! I am hoping to finish it off by tomorrow. But you know how flexible a crafters planned deadlines are…my craft blahs have passed and I am flooded with ideas. I’ve got 6 projects in various states of done-ness. Here’s a very pretty one that’s cut out waiting:

Felt pieces

One project I have finished is a hanging tidy bag. It took next to no time to make and is excellent for holding my wool felt scraps. I simply used some unbleached calico I had lying around as the lining – natural, super cheap and the felt will stand out against the plain colour.

Tidy all

After seeing it on a few blogs and flickr photos I decided that a cheaper and more ‘green’ method for stuffing toys is to save my wool felt scraps and chop them into little bits. The bag of polyfill I have right now is handy of course but it seems to have been badly milled and I find myself picking out wiry bits. NOT what you want when you’re making baby toys. Plus the wool felt scraps cut costs a little and feel so so lovely and soft. I’m finding that as we get closer to becoming parents living more naturally is becoming more and more important to me.

We have made tentative adoption progress too. We haven’t sent the forms in so don’t have confirmation of our places on the ‘ed and prep’ course but the next course is in May. May is perfect for us. It gives us time to continue preparing but is not too far away – even if it does feel like it. So hopefully we’ll fill out the application forms this week and send them in soon. And once we have places on the 2 day course then I will officially be able to get excited!! What the hell, you know I’m beyond excited already!



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4 responses to “A craft flood

  1. Wow! forms in…..another step closer, I really hope it works out for you guys….xx

  2. That’s a great idea to use the wool felt scraps for stuffing toys…I’m going to so that. Your hanging bag turned out beautifully. I’m excited with you for this adoption process.

  3. bookwormbethie

    keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for the adoption process.

  4. I love your hanging bag – I’ve just made a skirt out of the same fabric!

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