Wairarapa love

We made it over the hill to the Wairarapa region yesterday, only a day later than planned. We meant to go today but the temperature was forecast to be far too hot for wimpy Wellington dwellers so we went yesterday. It was perfect – warm, a mild breeze (to keep us comfy, sunshine. Just perfect for a day trip. I am more and more ready to move there but it may be up to 15 months away before we can so that trip meant a lot to me. And a day away from the gusts of the wind we get here was priceless.

Derelict barn

We went into the field this building is in to take closer photos and investigate inside it. I think the term is trespassing but it was worth it and we weren’t the only ones judging by the track in the grass. This place was too beautiful to simply photograph and move on.

Closer than we should be

This is the view from Mount Dick. You can pretty much see the whole of the region from there, all 5 towns worthy of being called a town.

Wairarapa view

I got to drive a lot yesterday too, well over an hour. There was an incident involved some rude guy driving right up my ass and making me lose all my confidence but you know what? He was mad cos I was going 90 on an empty country road when the limit is 100 and he couldn’t find a place to safely overtake. Eventually he passed me and tooted rudely. What he didn’t know, since he was obviously born so perfect at driving, is that the learners limit is only 70. It’s embarrassing enough to have L(oser) plates without jerks getting impatient at me and making me cry. So next time when I get some guy revving it up my tail I’m just going to give him a hell of a fright as I slow right on down to 70 and laugh my head off the whole damn time. Mwahahahaha. Didn’t your mama ever teach you it’s wrong to make girls cry? Cos then they come back and piss you off twice as much.



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12 responses to “Wairarapa love

  1. I don’t like rude drivers, and that man was quite rude to you! The place you visited looks beautiful.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely visit…..did you find any treasures in our op-shops? xx

  3. my3boysandi

    AWESOME photos 🙂

    what a jerk that guy was
    and I would do that next time

    Mr Wonderful does just to annoy jerks like he was

  4. Ah, summer day trip drive to the mountains!

    I’ve been in both positions while driving. And I have to keep reminding myself that people may have a reason ( good or bad) for the way they are driving. Maybe the person who is driving too fast is nervous about being late for a teaching gig (Ahem) or Maybe the person who is slow just left a funeral or had to say goodbye to a great friend and is emotionally exausted. But there is never a reason to beep….Rude!

  5. Lisa

    Beautiful scenery, winter here, and everything is very gray and dreary, you’ve made me want to be outside!
    Good luck with the driving, my sixteen year old is out there now on the roads (alone!) and I hope all the other drivers will always be kind to her 🙂

  6. I adore the building in the first shot. Makes me smile every time I drive past it.
    Hope that your move to the Wairarapa dream happens as soon as!

  7. Hey I have a picture of that barn too!

  8. That barn is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like you had a lovely day! 🙂 (Well apart from the rude driver.)

  9. It sounds like you had a great day, drivers aside, and even had good timing. I drove past that paddock yesterday and it is now dotted with large round haybales.

  10. oh, wow, that is gorgeous. i just found out a few cousins in the philippines are moving out to nz. my brother & i did a dance for joy ~ we’re going! we’re going! beautiful pictures!

  11. Haha, I had to laugh! We lived in Carterton for a couple of years and I had always wanted to take a picture of that old house! I have some similiar views from Mt. Dick too.

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