Finger puppet fun

I had some ideas of what to make for my first 2009 update for the shop but partway through making them I suddenly got so enthused to make finger puppets that I just had to make them. You know that feeling a crafter sometimes get where you simply can’t sleep until you’ve got out of bed and put in a good couple of hours on your project? It was like that. There were some problems along the way – a pig that  looked more like a pink horse, half sewing a head shut before I realised that having a face might help it. Trying to redesign the elephant so it didn’t look phallic.

So, after much stitching, here’s my first Year of Toys listings:

African animal finger puppets:

African animal finger puppets

Barnyard animal finger puppets:

Farmyard animal finger puppets

And by the way thats Dave’s wrist in the photos. Just in case you think I’m that hairy. And omg my blog entry is invisible. Literally. I’m typing and it’s completely invisible. Weird.



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13 responses to “Finger puppet fun

  1. absolutely adorable animals actually

  2. Super good! I didn’t notice the hairy arm until you pointed it out, ahha.

  3. Amy

    Those are very cute.

  4. Lisa

    Oh! These are adorable!

  5. Oooh…super cute! And I can see the entry just fine…Must be a dashboard quirk.

  6. These are amazingly adorable. They would be great to use for Sunday School or anything!!! Great work!

  7. These are so cute! You’ve been busy. 🙂

  8. These are so so so adorable!

  9. Nancy

    These are terrific!
    My kids simply adore them!
    So far I have made the elephant, dog and a pig, and they still want a few more!!
    Thanks for the ideas!!

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