Now we’re rocking

Look! Look! Looook!! I’m ever so slightly excited about the fact that this gorgeous wooden rocking chair is now living in MY house. I saw it at the recycling shop and flipped out. They are rarer than hens teeth, cost a fortune and I have wanted one for years. A future mama has to have a rocking chair right? For all those 3am feeds and sleepless nights. Plus they are just so fun to rock on and it’s kind of meditative.

Score of the year

As you can tell by the edges of the photo it’s rather wedged in between boxes and shelves though so some sacrifices may have to be made.Plus a whole bunch of my mothers old kitchen stuff followed me home today and maybe the (second) best bit of all: I found my elephants! My brother did actually. I knew he had them, he swore he didn’t. Over 100 elephant ornaments, collected over a decade or more – countless dollars and memories. Twice as many boxes as I remembered and I am so very glad they came home to me. PLUS (I know, shut up already Steph) the box of Bunnykins china we ate off as kids. 2009 is the year of nesting if today is anything to go by. I’m far too happy for one person today.

Oh AND I finished the first things for the first shop update and they are so cute I want to hug myself a little. Oh jeez, did I really just say that? I’ll list them as soon as I can get some nice photos.



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4 responses to “Now we’re rocking

  1. many happy rocking years ahead for you and your chair! πŸ™‚

  2. my3boysandi

    its lovely
    Id like one day too – got no room at mo πŸ™‚

  3. The rocking chair is beautiful. It will be perfect for rocking that new little baby.

  4. Oh wow…..that rocking chair is beautiful…great find. xx

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