KFC you owe me Christmas

Everyone has a story about how KFC once made them sick. Our Christmas Eve dinner treat meant that Dave has a story now. He missed Christmas because of it. It was horrible. I had to spend eight hours alone with my family – which is hard enough but to spend it missing him and thinking of him in pain was so much worse. I am seriously considering going back to KFC with our receipt and demanding a refund.They ruined our Christmas and at the very least I intend to make a fuss and let off some of my anger. KFC Johnsonville be warned!! I want my $33 back!!

I did get something I really really wanted for Christmas though:

Mmmmm linen floss for me

A full set (well almost – I’m two short cos my mum bought two doubles hehehe) of linen gorgeousness. They’re quite pricey so even though I still need to go buy those last two I really REALLY appreciate my mum buying them for me and can’t wait to stitch with them. Does anybody know how they stitch up?

I’m having a small embroidery giveaway in my next entry so check back in a couple of days to enter!


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7 responses to “KFC you owe me Christmas

  1. So jealous! Can’t wait to see the projects!

  2. All those beautiful colors! That is very sweet present. I’m so sorry to hear about the food poisoning ruining Christmas for you and Dave. I had food poisoning once (from chicken) and it was the most sick I had ever been…it’s miserable.

  3. my3boysandi

    Oh no!!! poor Dave

    bless your mum

  4. Amy

    Oh, I hope Dave is feeling better. I’m one of the many that has the KFC story too. For a while I thought it was the unique combination of Marinda and Chicken. Can’t wait to see what you do with the smashing threads.

  5. bookwormbethie

    Poor Dave! I hope he is feeling better, I do admit that I let out a chuckle when you said you had to spend 8 hours alone with your family which is tough. Perhaps we also marry/date so that someone else can help us deal with our family!

  6. Oh no…poor Dave how horrible! That’s such a shame. I remember two Christmas’ ago having morning sickness….wasn’t a great day – beautiful gift. xx

  7. Kate

    Interestingly, my husband also got sick on Christmas this year because of KFC. I wound up staying home with him because he was so poorly. He joked that it was the perfect quiet Christmas. That’s looking on the bright side, I guess!

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