Piece by piece, step by step

Oh boy

I’ll see y’all back here after Christmas. I’ll be the one who is still stitching and looks a little worn out. The pattern said make 39 hexagons. I used a smaller template than the one in the book. So I ended up having to make 76. I won’t be doing it my way next time.

And thanks for your adoption comments, I nearly cried a little bit. All we can do right now is keep plodding on and we’ll know more after Christmas about when exactly we can afford to apply. One step at a time…kinda like this frickin’ dolls quilt!



Filed under adoption, making stuff

2 responses to “Piece by piece, step by step

  1. Have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

  2. Wow, even your non-decorative stitching looks perfect.

    Stay cozy!

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