The happy little elephant

My poor little sister has had a bit of a tough life. I won’t go into it but she’s definitely found it tough going at times and although she’s 25 (*cough* I think she’s 25) I’m pretty sure that you’re never really too old for a happy little elephant friend to comfort you in your darker moments. I always promise her a present and never come through so this year she’s damn well getting one. The fabric I chose is quite pale and when I was cutting it out I wasn’t sure how it would look as a finished elephant. Now he is finished and I can say that he looks damn cute. I have plans to finally make myself one soon too. They’re a lot of work but the finished product? Very huggable.

Peanut the Elephant

Peanut's bum


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9 responses to “The happy little elephant

  1. *squeal* This is sooooo cute and sweet. What a lovely gift. šŸ™‚

  2. Glenda

    So very adorable!! I love the braided tail.

    I gave my grandma a stuffed teddy bear when she was in her 70’s — she’d been widowed a year or two, after having been married to my grandpa for 50+ years, and I thought maybe she’d like having something to hug when the going got tough (I didn’t live near her). She was tickled pink when she opened that gift and went on and on about how much she loved it. So, yes, one is never too old to have a stuffie to hug during dark moments =)

  3. Cute, sure she’ll love it!!

  4. Your elephant is adorable! I love the polka dot fabric and that tail is so cute.

  5. What a happy little elephant – adorable! xx

  6. littlegemsession

    Oh sweet šŸ™‚ I love the vintage feel.

  7. bookwormbethie

    the stuffie is so cute! and I’m 31 and still have a stuffed plush cat that was given to me when I was 9 and when I am all icky sick the kitty comes out of the closet and I cuddle up with her on the couch with a blanket, box of tissues, and cough drops.

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