Making a memory

Once I finally mastered the dreaded blanket stitch and found out how easy it is my mind went blank. All those projects I swore I’d make if I ever learnt blanket stitch….not one came to mind. Eventually I found something I have always wanted to make: The Scotty Dog softie from Allsorts.

Scotty ornament - making a memory

Due to it’s small size and my perhaps-not-quite-so-mastered blanket stitching going a bit abstract in places it took hours to make and in the end I chose to make it into an ornament to keep rather than a soft toy. As I came to finish it I felt like I had stitched a memory into that ornament. I have a bunch of handmade ornaments slowly piling up now that I’ve made over time or received as a gift (and that gift will be treasured for years to come) but the ones I have made have all been just another one for the pile so that if we ever have a Christmas tree it won’t be naked. This silly little Scotty dog will be the first ornament I put on the tree (maybe next year) and sigh and remember the hours I spent cutting it out, pricking myself with pins, swearing myself silly over my ‘mastered’ blanket stitch and finally being able to present a finished ornament to Dave. I feel like all the other ornaments are mine but this one is the first one that is ours. Sounds corny maybe but I feel more and more like that these days. We’re two adults and a cat and God willing we’ll add a child to that number within another two years but after two years together we’re already a family.



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5 responses to “Making a memory

  1. This is a touching post. I too am trying to master the blanket stitch. I did it on a flat surface and thought, “Hey this ain’t so bad!” but it’s trickier when trying to apply it to a three-dimensional object.

  2. I get what you’re saying; the Scotty dog ornament is very sweet. I made the advent calendar from Allsorts last year, and when I pulled it out this year, the memories came pouring back to my mind of all the places I toted that project around while I was working on it. It was my first effort at being “crafty” and the stitching is crazy looking, but it was the start of a new love for sewing.

  3. Saying it’s “ours” is not corny at all but really sweet. I love your Scottie. That pattern was one of the first freebies I ever found on a craft blog and I have yet to make one. Maybe after the holidays…

  4. Congrats on winning Kathryn Estelle’s redwork giveaway. And your Scottie looks really good. Thanks for the link. We’ve never had a tree either (just us two, no cat sadly), but I did make some Christmas cushions this weekend…

  5. Very sweet. I love Allsorts…Everything she posts is gorgeous and I wanna live in that house of hers!

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