More vintage embroidery patterns for you

I got a card in my mailbox yesterday to tell me there was a parcel being held for me at the local post office. It turned out to be a large envelope of ancient craft magazines and random pages from Dave’s mother. I’ve never met her in the 2 years I have been with Dave so it was unexpected. But she’s old and sick and I am as close a hope for grandkids as she’s got. So she sent me a sample of her hoardings. She’s a packrat who has had over 70 years to collect stuff. She also has smoked like a chimney for at least 50 years so the envelope contents are mighty whiffy. But there are some treasures in it. Knitting and sewing patterns mostly and a small pile of embroidery transfers from…dates unknown. They’re old and not in great condition (hence the quality of some of the scans) so I have started scanning them for safe keeping. And of course I had to share:

teddy bears

kids 01

kids 02

A peacock...I think

house border

oak leave and acorn border

Click on any one of them to go to my flickr photostream where you can download the larger size and see the other transfers I have previously blogged.



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8 responses to “More vintage embroidery patterns for you

  1. The bears are cute! I have issues with faceless children so I’d probaly add eyes to them but they’re cute too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. bookwormbethie

    aw those teddies are adorable!

  3. What a wonderful bird! I’m on a bird craze right now. Yesterday got two bird prints from the thrift store, lovely patterns and colors. It must be a because I miss these dear creatures in the winter. Thanks for the scans!

  4. They are so cute, my fav is the oak leaf and the acorns. xx

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  6. thank you, in my pocket for next autumn !
    Valérie from France

  7. Linda

    Thanks for the great designs. So kind of your MIL to share them too.

    I’ve had good success using ordinary ‘kitty litter’ which I’ve placed in small 4×6″ sacks, just roughly machine stitched and placed in a plastic bag with the smoke riddled item. In a couple of days the kitty litter has absorbed all the smoke. I’ve used this on paper, wool etc. This method also works on mildew as well.

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