Finding focus in felting

I could blame it on the heat (which is crazy hot right now) or the lack of sleep it is causing. Whatever it is that caused it I have been restless and indecisive all week. But finally I got my butt into gear and forced myself to do something to focus my mind for a while.

When I started looking at wet felting my original intention was to make felt balls. But when I found out that you can wet felt rocks and soap of all things I was intrigued. I haven’t found any rocks worth felting yet but I finally tried felting a bar of soap.

Felted soap

I didn’t honestly expect it to look as ‘good’ as it did for my first attempt (and only third attempt at wet felting overall) but it came out pretty well I think. Well enough to make me think that my whole family is getting felted bars of soap for Christmas! The soap cost $1.59 for 4 bars and the felt goes a long way so these are super cheap to make for a whole bunch of people and are useful too. Plus they smell so good!

The heat has had other effects besides my laziness. My strawberries have exploded!


We had those two tiddlers a couple of weeks ago but these are the first proper harvest from my first ever grown thing. Seven *big* red juicy strawberries lovingly homegrown by me. I was worried for a while because they were squishy and some were rotting and I couldn’t figure out if it was too much water or not enough. Well I left them alone and these big fat mama’s grew. Does it count if I grew them by doing absolutely nothing?

And because I am a big softie here’s a gratuitous photo of the lump who owns me. He’s been allowed outside for over a week now and life is so much nicer because of it but he still loves sleeping inside in front of the fan – such a fan hog.

Ragamuffin lump

I’ve just written all about these things I made and grew and the great big, shedding, scabby cat and I can’t help but think “wow, I feel lucky today. I am content with my life”. And now I am off to have ice cream and homegrown strawberries. Sigh.



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7 responses to “Finding focus in felting

  1. great post – happy cat, big fat strawberries and successful felting! What more do you need! (maybe some cool weather?)

  2. my3boysandi

    pleased your content 🙂

    WOW!!! look at the size of your strawberries

  3. I’d almost give my right arm to sink my teeth into homegrown strawberries right now! Congrats on the wet felting…It could become addicting. I suppose wool in NZ isn’t in short supply. Enjoy!

  4. This post put me in such a happy, peaceful mood. Lovely pictures and sentiments alike.

  5. Those strawberries look so yummy!!!

  6. Gorgeous strawberries. I wish I could reach in and take one! Btw, your lovely, lovely pin cushion arrived today. Thank you! I just stared and stared at your perfect, tiny stitches.

  7. My mouth is watering just looking at the photo of those strawberries. I’m sure they are as delicious as they look!

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