New embroidery site

First things first: I am not liking this new WordPress layout. At all. Why do people always seem to think that change is always a good thing?

Anyway….a new embroidery pattern site JUST launched and I had to let you know about it in all its awesomeness. Lazy May has got some fabulous patterns available in both PDF and iron on format. And super cheap too. Plus the postage perices are a STEAL. Super cute stuff at super cheap prices. Perfect right? They aren’t paying me to write this but the patterns struck a chord with me long before the site even came about and I highly recommend you check the site out. I’m a little stitched out right now but as soon as my mojo returns I’ll be stitching a pattern or three.



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5 responses to “New embroidery site

  1. bookwormbethie

    Oh I have to disagree, as much as I get nervous about change, I ❤ the new format. I’ve been on WP for awhile, and right after I signed up they did a big change to what we just had, and this new format I <3.

  2. I don’t mind the wordpress change either, but I wish they’d step up their free offerings. I want to be able to put up an etsy shop sidebar thing and post videos that aren’t from google or youtube.

    Thank you for linking to this new embroidery site!

  3. I’m actually digging the new dashboard layout. It allows me to see everything at one glance, which means more time writing and responding to comments on the 4 blogs that I manage.

  4. Thanks for the link to the cute LazyMay patterns. I can’t say much about the old or new WordPress layout since I use Blogger.

  5. Thanks for the Lazy May link…

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