Wet felting attempts

Another good title would be “how to spend a whole lot of money to make a big wooly mess”. I wet felted the first ball last night – the bigger blue one. It has a big seam of acrylic glittery stuff running through the blue/green. I am a magpie for glitter but it probably wasn’t the best beginners choice. The core ball of plain roving felted fine – it shrunk, it was round etc. But I had a lot of trouble felting the blue stuff in a layer around it. I went back today and bought some more plain stuff for ball cores and some coloured slivers without acrylic glitter in it. I think it turned out better – it’s smaller and a bit better felted. I cheated with todays ball though – I felted the outer layer in a hot wash with a load of towels. I also chucked in yesterdays ball with it in the hope it would felt more but if it did it was only slight. And a white towel turned blue. Oops. Oh well, practise makes perfect and it is certainly very addicting. I’m going to try felting a bar of soap to distract me from my sad looking balls and probably try making felt beads. I’m assuming that smaller projects like that will have a higher success rate. I hope so anyway.

First attempt at wet felting

I need lots more practise. Lots. I think thats obvious. And I want to try different methods of making a ball. Anyone got any sites or tuts they like for wet felting? I used this which helped a lot but I think knowing and trying different techniques will help me find whats best for me.



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7 responses to “Wet felting attempts

  1. my3boysandi

    great balls I reckon 🙂

  2. Lisa

    I know nothing about wet felting, but I like your blue ball! It looks like a pretty blue marble.

  3. Well I think they’re quite pretty! Personally, I found needle felting to be much easier than wet felting.

  4. This is likely not what you want to hear, but I cannot wet felt. I have tried and tried with zero success. I can needle felt anything though!

  5. You are just too funny. I would have done exactly the same thing – believe me I have lots of odd colored towels! Thanks for the tutorial! E

  6. I am also a needle-felter, mostly because the feeling of wet wool really creeps me out!

  7. I’ve never tried it myself, looks like fun! xx

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