I was on my way to write this entry and I got a comment saying my little tutorial was featured on the Craftzine blog! That’s pretty cool for little old me. I love Craft magazine – unfortunately by the time it gets to NZ it’s approximately a squillion dollars but I hoard the one copy I have very jealously.

Another magazine I think I will be hoarding jealously is Living Crafts. Karen from Me, Myself and Kai kindly offered to do a swap with me so I could get my hands on the Winter ’09 issue. (Thanks to Sarah who also offered to send it to me) I think you can buy back issues internationally (for a small fortune – thank goodness there’s only 4 back issues or I’d bankrupt us) but not subscribe outside the US. Stinkers. Anyway my magazine came today and I cannot babble on about it enough. If you are crafty/a mama/both and can get your hands on it you should. I feel hobby horse making may be in my future after reading this issue. And my list of things to beg my mother to knit is growing longer with every page I read.

**A side note – the post office/bank branch my mother works at got held up by armed men yesterday!! I saw it online about a bank in her suburb, clicked the article and leapt out of my seat yelling “Oh my GOD! It’s HER branch!” My mum was out the back having lunch at the time (WHEW) and ran next door and called the police.**

Anyway my final goodies which I am soooo excited about: wet felting supplies. A library book and some roving. I’ve been pouring over youtube videos and library books and I’m a little nervous but I’m going to give it a go. Elf shoes are my eventual goal but I’m going to start by making a ball. The blue wool has acrylic glitter strands in it which I think will look good – and distract from the ‘this is my first attempt’ shape my ball may have.

A new craft to learn

You’ll be able to judge my success by whether I mention it in my next blog entry or not 😉



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5 responses to “Goodies

  1. oh no – so lucky your mum was out at the time! I hope everyone was ok.

  2. Wow…that must have been scary for you knowing that your mom worked at that bank…I’m glad she was o.k. Best of luck to you on the felting projects, I’m guessing you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

  3. bookwormbethie

    OMG about your mum! Thank the Lord that she was out having lunch. I hope everyone is okay and safe and no one hurt!!! Seriously, that is so scary!

  4. My boyfriend owns a restaurant that has been robbed several times. It’s not even in a particularly bad neighborhood. So I empathize.

    Also, I’m glad the magazine reached you, and so soon! Yay post office!

  5. How scary! I’m glad your mom wasn’t there.

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