Driving Miss Crazy

In truth it was more like Miss Crazy Driving. I did indeed drive today 🙂 Having had my learners license for ummm *mumble*  over 13 years you’d think I’d be a better driver by now. But mostly due to an unlucky combo of bad teachers and no money for consistent lessons I’m not. I actually had a professional driving instructor who at one point made me do a U-turn only working the peddles. She actually leaned over me and worked the steering wheel! When I say I had bad teachers I ain’t kidding. She wasn’t even the strangest.

Anyway we went over to the Wairarapa region and Dave let me drive once we were over there on the flat country roads. He didn’t even clench his fists, grip the door handle for dear life or panic. I hadn’t driven for a long time and it was scary to be doing it again but it felt natural. Like this time I might finally make progress. I’m not a bad driver, just one who has never had consistent lessons. I felt so good being behind the wheel today. I drove through towns without leaving any missing wing mirrors or carnage. If I can stick at it then I think this time I’ll make progress and finally gain some driving freedom.

We also went to a reserve/park/forest area for a walk. I was a little lost with all the different names of the things in that area but the scenery was well worth it. They say that this is what New Zealand looked like before people.

Middle Earth

Atiwhakatu Stream

Donnelly Flat Loop Walk

Today was a good day.



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8 responses to “Driving Miss Crazy

  1. Lovely!
    Driving, like most things, is just practice.

  2. Those photos are gorgeous…you live in such a beautiful place! Good for you, for sticking with the driving lessons.

  3. What a gorgeous place! I hope someday to travel to New Zealand and love to see photos!

  4. It took me forever to learn to drive – so good luck!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I got my drivers license the first time I did exam but was afraid to drive. Then I took some lessons with a teacher specialised in teaching people who are afraid to drive and now I even enjoy driving a bit!

  6. my3boysandi

    bless Dave for reteaching you
    My Home Schoolers dad had to do that
    I had a professional teach me but then I had no vechile and wasnt allowed to use my dads for years so I had to relearn

    love those forest photos so nice to be able to get into the bush

  7. Those pictures are so pretty. The more you practice driving, the better you will get. I drove in parking lots for six months before I took the driving test and felt very confident when I went to take it. (I was 16 at the time and confident about nothing else in life back then.)

  8. And, I don’t know if it’s due to the new WordPress layout or what but the text for comments is huge. My old eyes appreciate that!

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