Some days I suck. Some days I don’t. Today I don’t. It’s one of those lucky days where everything is awesome.

– I grew strawberries! Awesome. When it comes to gardening I can kill a plant faster than anyone I know. But my strawberries grew and grew and turned red and smelled oh so good. Tonight Dave and I ate one each. Not exactly a great harvest but considering my track record it was a huge moment for me. My first ever home grown produce. Awesome. The second pot is about to produce some too and by Christmas there will be heaps. Yum!

My first strawberries

– I finally mastered blanket stitch. Awesome. Any ideas you might have for projects requiring blanket stitch would be appreciated. As soon as I learnt it my mind went blank about how to use it.

– I learned English paper piecing too. Awesome. It’s so easy once you know how and I handstitched this ornament from scraps. Anything that uses scraps is a winner, plus it just looks really good. I was thinking of doing a tutorial for it. Would anyone be interested in one if I did? They’d look awesome on a Christmas tree.

Hexagon ornament

O for Awesome. Tehehe. This has cracked me up for years.


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5 responses to “Awesome

  1. yep – all of that is AWESOME!

    I’d love a tute, if you’re offering one!

    Oh, and that Santa – he really is terrible!

  2. You are awesome! I’ve never successfully grown strawberries. That blanket stitch was tricky for me to learn as well…I use it often though on things like doll clothes, and ornaments.

  3. bookwormbethie

    YAY! I am laughing about y’all each eating just one strawberry! But a triumph is a triumph!

    Blanket stitch is cool, I haven’t used it a lot but it is good for joining felt pieces together like if you made a needle book or something. I think the blanket stitch is mostly for edging but I’d love to see if used in other ways too.

  4. my3boysandi


    I like the Christmas decoration 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos……we are the same..we still have a chuckle about poor dim Tua. xx

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