Nostalgia- Worst Santa ever

I made the mistake of asking my grandma for more photos to scan. I think I’ll be scanning forever. I staggered home with one lot and there’s more to come. But man, I got some classics. This is my mum in about 1960 with what is arguably the worst Santa EVER. Check out that beard. Words fail me.

Worst Santa EVER

This is my grandma as a girl in about 1940 out shopping with her mother. Such style!


My grandfather play fighting with his friend in the Greek/Turkish civil war in 1950. I stumbled on this photo a few years ago and burst out laughing. It was definitely not an image that I thought I’d see of my serious, hardworking grandfather.

Playing silly buggers

And this photo is a real doozy:

Hardcore nun style

My grandmothers aunt as a Orthodox nun in Lebanon in the 30’s. That’s one hardcore looking nun.

I know family history is boring as heck when it’s not your family and even though these are my family I find our history boring too but these photos are so…they really capture a time that has come and gone and will never be again.



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9 responses to “Nostalgia- Worst Santa ever

  1. jen

    actually I like looking at old photos
    your mum must have been quite young when she had you?

  2. It may be because I’m just plain nosey but I love pics of other people’s lives, especially the children.
    The one of your grandmother in those leggings is superb.

  3. They are not boring at all!

  4. On the contrary, I LOVE old photos. I love looking at others photos and recently I purchased “some relatives” at a Hospice Vintage sale. I have a lot of our family’s photos,many of which I wish I could identify. As a child I used to look at the old albums and ask questions about the people in the pictures. I remember some of what my Mum told me, but find now that I am over 60, sadly I have forgotten a lot!

  5. You are so lucky to have access to such amazing photos!

  6. Family history is NOT boring.
    I have an old box that belonged to my grandmother before she got married and I need need need to go through it. It has pictures and documents and even an old quilt top she started making in the 1920’s.

  7. What great pictures…but you are right that is quite a Santa! Love the picture from the 40’s …when did people stop dressing up to go shopping.

  8. Not boring at all! Did Santa have a broken nose? Maybe one of the kids gave it to him, ahha.

  9. family history, whakapapa is just so powerful, strengthening.Thankyou for sharing.

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