book bucket

I call this a book bucket. Sometimes I call it a buckety basket. I (clearly) have no idea what else to call it and I’d appreciate any ideas for a name, because I really don’t think bucket is the right name. And buckety basket definitely isn’t the right name.

book buckety basket

It was super fast to make and although my way of making it was harder than it probably had to be it was still fairly easy. I recently started reading trashy (and often hilarious) romance novels handed along from my mum and they’re all over the place so I thought a nice fabric buckety basket might be a nice way to contain them. It’s a little bit floppy and could have done with some interfacing of some sort but it serves its purpose. Version 2.0 will be stiffer. I’m going to make one for my fat quarters, one for the spare change and receipts I fill the bottom of my handbag with, one for the household medications that end up scattered far and wide. The possibility of what to use these for is endless.

By the way the craft fair was…craptacular. I did sell a few things (including two of the reading cushions, yay!) but when the most popular stall appeared to be selling stuffed toys made of NEON fake fur I realised that this was definitely not a fair I’ll be doing again. I’ll be listing the unsold things in my store over the next 24 hours as I take photos.

craft fair stall



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11 responses to “book bucket

  1. Lisa

    How could they pass up those pretty pillows!?

  2. my3boysandi

    IM sorry the fair wasnt very successful for you
    Ill keep my eye on your esty though

  3. book bucket=awesome
    you should make different sizes-mass markets, trade paper, cloth bound
    heck, make all three of em on a wrought iron stand for people like me who keep 1000 books being read at one time.

  4. Sorry the fair didn’t go well….but I love the book bucket! The name is great. xx

  5. the book bucket is great! I want one.. I always have books scattered around the house. I had a really crappy fair on Sunday as well.. I sold one bracelet after having sat that for hours… it was quite soul destroying… so I can relate you stall looked fab though and your crafts look lovely… I want a book bucket.. or a magazine bucket.. to sit beside the fireplace all cozy and warm.

  6. My kids have a lot of paperbacks that don’t work well on the shelf so I place them in baskets. Your baskets are very cool! I like that name…buckety basket . 😉

  7. Zee

    Thanks for your lovely words!
    I have a pile of books on my side table, a bucket would help a lot!
    Sorry about the fair, I never been to one…so scary!

  8. The book bucket is great! I can’t think of another name except book box which is kind of boring. I always keep a stash of trashy romances around too – I love to cut out words and phrases from them to use in my art!

  9. I’m just loving ‘craptacular’ I’m seriously using that word – you poor thing…going to all that effort…all a bit scary really…Tam xo

  10. I love your book bucket, any chance of a tutorial?? I need one as I’ve lost my bedside shelf due to having to get the cot into our room for baby no.5.

  11. Hi Steph, If you could attempt a rough tutorial that would be great! I would love to have a go myself and I don’t know if I have anything worthy of a swap!

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