35 sachets of stink and a burglary

A visitor

I was not planning on having a burglary to blog about but well, now I do. Next door was broken into.  They may have actually been intending to burgle us though…one of the burglars knocked on our door and asked me for directions to somewhere! From what the police man told me they were interrupted next door and timewise it would appear they meant to hit us but me being home meant they chose next door instead. When they were interrupted by the woman who lives in that house coming home for lunch they went out the downstairs door. We only have one door so if I interrupted them…being broken into and especially interrupting a break in is my number one worst fear ever. Moving on….

A pile of stink

35 sachets of stink. Catnip. It pongs, really pongs. Since I am on a craft fair production binge I thought I’d ‘whip up’ a batch of catnip toys for the local Cats Protection League shelter. I took about 15 sachets once and fights broke out so this time I thought 20-25 would do it and I might have enough catnip to make that many. 38 sachets later I was finally done with the foul stuff. It did at least use up some fabric scraps. I gave a couple to neighbours and the rest, along with a couple of big tins of cat food, will go to the shelter. I love watching the cats going mental over their jealously guarded catnip toys.



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3 responses to “35 sachets of stink and a burglary

  1. my3boysandi

    I have been burgled into once when I lived in Auckland. It was aweful a real invasion of ones home. I had to laugh though it was the early afternoon of a big rugby watch and they took our play station and video plyer/recorder – only it didnt record I hope they recorded the game or tried too LOL

    did they get away with much?
    thank goodness you were home

    bless you for caring about the cats

  2. Hi! I just found you via your little reader sets pic on flickr, so I’m going to keep looking in on what you do (since it’s all so lovely!)

    Sorry to hear about next door, but thankfully it wasn’t you.

  3. That’s scary! I’m so glad nothing bad happened!

    And the catnip bags are fabulous 😀

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