Little Reader sets

After a week of sewing (mostly spent standing over an ironing board pinning and ironing in stinking hot heat) my feet hurt, my back hurts, my shoulders hurt. But I am finally ready for the craft fair and it was well worth it. I have a bunch of new stuff and I’m most excited that I finished the Little Reader sets. A childs reading cushion, a nice big snuggly reading blanket and a vintage children’s book – Pokey Little Puppy, The Elves and the Shoemaker etc. The sets are very cute, I’m excited about them.

Pastel colours

Primary colours

I decided rather than calling them boy and girl sets I’d call them ‘primary’ and ‘pastel’. And hopefully by the time I go to bed on Thursday I’ll be calling them ‘sold’.

Little Reader sets ready to go


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8 responses to “Little Reader sets

  1. Jessica

    I just love these sets! I am just learning to sew and I’m hoping to learn to make things like this. I’m sure they will be gone fast at the craft show….they’re adorable!

  2. These reading sets are wonderful! They both look like something I’d love to give as a gift to a child.

  3. Brilliant idea. And I love the alphabet fabric. Sure they’ll fly off the shelves.

  4. my3boysandi

    On LS these are so lovely
    great books too
    Im sure they will sell no problems at all

  5. rhiannon

    oooooooh man I wish I was going to the fair. Can I ask how much they will be? (and if there’s any chance you’ll make more to sell online?) the bright coloured one looks like it would go well with my plans for the nursery : P

  6. I love both of these sets, but the primary one has especially caught my eye. They are both so gorgeous. Will have to keep you in mind if the stork visits me in the future 😉

  7. my3boysandi

    yes Id like to know how much they are too??

  8. I LOVE that idea – good on you for coming up with an original concept. Hope they sell – they would make great Xmas pressies. xx

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