Waldorf fair

You ever have those days where one simple blog entry takes hours to write? This is one of those entries:

Sometimes I feel a little weird having such an interest in Waldorf education without actually having children but I do have a background in early childhood education.

Waldorf fair poster

Dave diligently drove me out there and we fought the crowds and climbed a gazillion stairs but it was so worth it. I drooled over the wooden toys, Waldorf dolls, knights costumes and sheilds/swords and dragged Dave from pillar to post. But he actually said he was really impressed and that it would be cool to go to school there. The classrooms were swathed in pastel coloured fabrics and all had something different going on in each one, it was like entering a new world through each door. Because the kindy is much lower than the rest of the school it was sadly closed for the fair but the kindergarten yard was a little paradise:

Raphael House Rudolph Steiner School kindergarten
(click on the picture for a bigger view, it’s so worth it)


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3 responses to “Waldorf fair

  1. That picture is beautiful…it’s what I want my backyard to look like.

  2. my3boysandi

    wow what a wonderful outdoor environment

  3. there’s so many students at rudolf steiner college without children of “their own.” my interest in it was for myself first, my kids second.

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