bad news

You remember when we moved to our last place and both cats ran away and we only got one back? Yeah, it’s like that. Rastus has been rather desperate to go outside and poop in the bushes, not a box. Well, he normally shuts up after he poops in the box but last night it was incessant. Crying. All. Night. Scrabbling at windows, driving us nuts. I had to turn the light on about 4 times to get him to stop. Then about 4.30am I fed him. Thank God he at least had food in his tummy when he left us. Anyway it didn’t shut him up anmd eventually I got pretty fed up and put him in the bathroom. I was quite rough, I was really wanting some sleep by then. And he got out the window. That was over an hour before we got up and there is no sign of him, he’s off and running.

So I say it’s like last time but I desperately hope that we get him back if he tries to go back to the old house. Somehow I wonder if two miracles is too much to hope for. And I have to live with the memory of my last action being mean to him. I feel less than human for my treatment of him and very scared for my little guy.


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5 responses to “bad news

  1. jen

    praying he turns up
    Im sori this has happened again

  2. Oh, I’m sorry to read this. He’s probably just off exploring, hope he’s back home soon.

  3. (Hugs) to you…I’m so sorry, and I hope he comes back soon.

  4. Oh no…I’m sure he will turn up at the old house, cats are amazing like that. xx

  5. Try to keep upbeat (easier said than done). You found him once, you might find him again. I’m crossing my fingers.

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