My brain ate the title

The lamest title ever. It’s been a bit of a rough day and my brain is shutting down for the night. We did the final inspection of the old house today and we may get a little money back. Good thing too because Dave got pulled over on the way there by the worlds youngest police-boy ever for speeding and we’ve now got an $80 speeding ticket to pay. Yay. The police-boy still had teenage acne, it was crazy. He was being supervised by what looked like police-grandad in the passenger seat.

Yesterday the day was predicted to be sunny and it was…until a black cloud brought this:

Spring madness

Spring madness

Hail that was practically snow! It doesn’t snow in Wellington, maybe once every 10 years for 5 minutes. But this was thick on the ground and stayed for hours. Thunder, lightning, heavy rain. Absolutely nuts. They reckoned it was hail but it was way thicker than hail. It took hours to melt and normally hail melts in 5 minutes. This was definitely NOT the predicted weather yesterday!

An hour later it was gone, the sky was blue and the washing could start drying again. Indoors this time, I wasn’t taking a chance on it. I’ve been washing all my fabrics lately, not something I normally bother to do but the craft fair is in 12 days and I want to make a few new things like this:

Reading cushion

I’m calling it a reading cushion. I suppose it could be any kind of cushion but I like the thought of a child having a special area and special cushion and blanket for reading on a rainy afternoon. I’m terrible about never using my finished embroideries so I loved being able to make this cushion. And use the last of that fun fun fabric!


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3 responses to “My brain ate the title

  1. I love the pillow!! This is the kinda thing I WISH I could make…maybe someday, lol…

  2. jen

    tut tut Dave LOL he cant have been too fast over the speed limit – thats when I hate it the most

    wow snow!!!

    I LOVE the cushion S 🙂


  3. Wow, I don’t need my glasses to leave a reply! I love this! I am so happy to see you have a blog. Your pillows are turning out so adorably! I’m going to go back and catch up on earlier posts. Have a great fair! Elizabeth

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