The agony and the ecstacy of moving

We moved, hurrah! We survived too. The weather was shocking. Scary strong wind. And it rained….then it poured. How ironic. The couches got here dry but the bed got quite wet. We got soaked. Dave’s outdoor table super large ‘computer table’ wouldn’t fit any doorway once in the house so sat in the hallway overnight, meaning taking a shower meant ducking under a table leg, climbing over a table leg and sliding to the right. He had over ambitious plans involving removing the legs and rebuilding it once inside his computer room but I am very happy to say that the table is now on its way to a friends house to live in their yard. Yay! It’s been really challenging trying to convince Dave that moving to a house with one less bedroom and no garage means that he’s going to have to downsize.

I have been playing Mama Cat to Rastus who has needed plenty of reassurance but thankfully is doing well so far. Annoyingly after yesterdays near-typhoon like weather it’s cloudless and hot so we can go back to the old house and finish what we started. We managed to find a cheap secondhand fridge online in the nick of time and pick it up on the way to the new house. This move has been even more stressful than the last one was and this past 9 months has put us pretty badly in debt but we’ve come through in the end and we aren’t moving for at least 16 months when we have vague plans to move to a small town and live a casual semi-rural life. It’s a nice daydream when things get tough right now.



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3 responses to “The agony and the ecstacy of moving

  1. my3boysandi

    pleased the move is done
    shame about the weather yesterday

    my mother use to have friends in that town


  2. Yikes…that must not have been fun moving in the rain! We’ve moved in the snow before….I don’t like moving.

  3. Glad you’re ok…sounds like it was quite hard work..but it’s done now and you can settle for awhile until you are ready to make your next move. I’ll keep you in my thoughts…sounds like things are tough. Take care :o)

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