Make Do And Mend

Everyone wanted to see photos of the book Make Do And Mend that I blogged about and I really wanted to share some of the wisdom inside. So I flicked through it trying to decide what to scan. But I had the hardest time trying just to pick a couple of gems. If I could I would have scanned it all to share. I cannot recommend this book enough! And it actually has some really useful stuff to use now too. I’m probably not going to take two pairs of knickers and make them into one ‘new’ pair as shown here:

Make Do And Mend

But that little girls dress idea in the bottom right corner? Smart stuff. Click on the image to go to the larger version on flickr. And here’s something I bet would save me a fortune in socks if I learnt to darn:

Make Do And Mend

I know these photos don’t reveal much, it was really super hard to choose just a few pages. The information about ration coupons was fascinating stuff. Mrs-Sew-and-Sew featured often in the leaflets:

I’m an avid reader but space and situations have meant that my ‘must have’ book collection is very very small. But this is one book I will be putting on my must buy list.



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5 responses to “Make Do And Mend

  1. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I think it”s too bad that we seem to live in such a disposable society now…..I’d love to see a renewed interest by more people in “making do” and mending.

  2. Bex


  3. my3boysandi

    what a really interesting book
    yes it would be hardly to know how to darn wouldnt it
    its always the toes that give out first

  4. yay! thanks for sharing!

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