Chaos and cuteness

We’re moving in THREE days! We signed the paperwork today (if Dave’s boss asks he was off sick *cough*) and if my money finally clears tomorrow I’ll go in and pick up the papers and the KEYS! We’re losing a week of our bond to get out of this place but after the nightmare this house has become I’m happy to do that just to get it over with and closed.

I left an embroidery WIP out to stitch this week in between packing but I may have been over confident about finishing it. I’m a tiny bit worried that our stuff isn’t going to fit in the new house. There seems to be a lot of it! I guess we’ll find out shortly. And as if I’m not rushed enough I have a table at a local craft fair on November 20th. It was the last stall available and the thought of a Christmas rush on my stuff was too good to pass up!

I promised cuteness. Hows this? It’s the latest Mitre 10 (a hardward chain) ad on TV here, making fun of Aussies (it’s kind of a national sport but we love them really) and OMG I squealed when I saw it. I can’t get it to embed but the link is well worth a click!



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4 responses to “Chaos and cuteness

  1. my3boysandi

    my thoughts and prayers are with you
    hope youll be happy in your new home 🙂

  2. Good luck with the move…I know you feel so relieved when you’re in your new place and unpacking and settling…hope it all goes smoothly!

  3. Good luck with the move! That was a cute clip-but the accents almost seem like a foreign language to me….I had to watch it twice to understand. 😉

  4. Congrats on finding a new place!!

    The video was absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing that. 🙂

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