When I’m bored it’s the cat that suffers

I finished packing up my sewing room stuff last night and now I am bored. What does one do when they are bored, at the discount store with money in their wallet and spots pet antlers in the Christmas display? Well this of course:

Tortured by the humans again

For some reason he found it considerably less funny and cute than I did and this is the only photo I managed to get where he wasn’t shaking his head or looking alarmed. Well more alarmed than this.



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7 responses to “When I’m bored it’s the cat that suffers

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  2. he may be alarmed but he does look super cute!!!!

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    That’s one patient cat. If I tried that with mine the picture would be nothing but a blur of fangs and claws.

  4. I’m with Lisa! My cat would have the antlers and me shredded before I turned the camera on. You should put this pic up on http://icanhascheezburger.com/ You have to check out this site if you haven’t already. Always makes me laugh! 🙂

  5. LOL! Poor guy.

    My cats would have bit my hand off while trying to put the antlers on their head!

  6. Awww…so adorable. My boys shake things off their heads, too.

  7. What a darling kitty. I have a tabby, too. Did you know tabbies are apparently related to the original cat – the Egyptian Mao??? You can tell by the spots on their bellies. Does you kitty have belly spots? If so, he/she is certainly royalty. 🙂 Bye!

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