the gran bag

A few weeks ago my gran asked me to make her a library book bag because plastic shopping bags just don’t go the distance like they used to anymore. I’m all about reusable bags anyway so I said yes. And promptly hit a few problems. What fabric did I have that was 81-year-old-woman-appropriate? Very little. I forgot to ask how big it needed to be. Etc etc. After much thinking, dwelling, trying new things and finally taking a whole different path altogether I found myself holding a finished book bag. And damn, I am tempted to keep it!

Gran's book bag

It’s deep enough that if she drops it then her books won’t spill out all over the place. That’s probably why I love it so much, I’m a dropper from way back. Phones, bags, pins, toast, Dave’s flat screen computer screen…I’m not fussy about what I drop. And it’s pretty perfectly sized for 2-3 books. Since she’s lending me a whole heap of the money we need to move out of this nightmare house I will happily give her a bag for her books.

I’m going to apply for tenancy mediation later today. I’m really unhappy about having to go this far but we have no choice. I am prepared to fight all the way because I believe we have no fixed term lease. Moving has suddenly become an utter fiasco. The phone/internet company cut us off on the 21st rather than the 31st. And then tried to charge us all sorts of fees for their mistake. I was on dial up (from a different company) briefly last night but that’s almost as bad as no internet. My broadband won’t be back on until between 1pm and 6.30pm today. That’s especially weird as it was on when I got up at 10am. Needless to say we’re changing companies when we move.

So…although I am wading through the 100+ blog entries in my blog reader I’m not in a commenting mood. So I hope you’ll understand if things here go quiet or even just a tad grumpy. I am so over moving/renting/rich people thinking they own my soul just because we’re their tenants.


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6 responses to “the gran bag

  1. The bag looks perfect. The moving..sounds like a whole lot of stress. I hope everything works itself out soon so you can just go on and enjoy your new house.

  2. jen

    bless your gran
    nice bag

    my thoughts are with you re the tenancy mediation
    been though it so know whats its like
    some land lords/ladies are such jerks

    my prayers are with you

  3. Bex

    Oh nice!
    And yep, moving sucks.
    Good luck mate! XXxx

  4. You poor people!

    Let’s hope you’ll soon be sorted.

    The bag is gorgeous. Lucky Gran.

  5. Poor you! hope things get less crappy on the moving front! xx

  6. Love that bag! That fabric looks familiar 😉

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