Taking a shortcut


You could call it cheating, or saving time, or taking a shortcut or any number of things but either way I jumped at the chance to buy a packet of precut paper piecing hexagons. I was all set to cut out a bunch of templates for a project and I saw them precut in my favourite shop so I thought I’d save a heap of time and try them out. Good thing too as my craft projects to do list keeps on growing. Moving day is November 1st so I want to finish up as many of my WIP’s before then as I can. (Perhaps I’ll be able to blog something more interesting than filler photos when I finish something!)



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3 responses to “Taking a shortcut

  1. Hey, if it saves you time and gives you more time to craft, I say go for it! “Cheat” your heart out! lol

    Regarding the comment you made on my blog about a floss toss…it’s really simple and probably not as fun as it sounds, it’s just taking your pattern (preferably already transferred onto fabric) and then taking floss and tossing it down on the fabby to see what looks good. 🙂

    It’s really just an excuse to play with floss, lol. :):)

  2. Nah, it’s not cheating. Why waste time cutting out paper when you could be sewing??

  3. It isn’t cheating. All those little pieces frighten me from patchwork, lol. 🙂

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