I am beyond knackered, I’m…pooped. I left tired behind days ago. I blame daylight savings, that time change business always stuffs me around for weeks. I started an embroidery last weekend, guaranteed to be a superfast stitch up – two days max –  and yeah, it’s still half done.

Anyway in leuileiu…lieu (third times a charm!) of anything stitchy I have made here’s other stuff on my mind:

– I won a giveaway on Nikki’s blog and got my prize today. It’s a dress for an 18 month old and although I won it to give to my great uncle’s baby Sophie at Christmas I’m so wishing I had a little one of my own to wear it. It’s that cute! I am a sucker for corduroy. Thanks so much Nikki!! And thanks heeeaaapppps for the yummo chocolate!!
dress from Nikki

– It’s actually been pretty sunny lately. I love daylight savings and you can really feel that summer is coming! Yessss!!

– I heart my new camera SO MUCH. My cat doesn’t. It’s been jammed in his face o many times he’s plotting evil thoughts against me. Look at the expression on his face!

thinking evil thoughts


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5 responses to “Knackered

  1. What a great picture of your cat. That’s quite a look he’s giving the camera. 😉

  2. I love love that kitty picture!
    Tagged on my blog btw! Off you go!

  3. The wee dress is too cute!

  4. Those photo of your cat looks so professional. You should enter it in a contest or something. They always have those things.

  5. OH that photo of your cat! To. die. for.

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