Careful what you wish for

I wanted to embroider for months before I started. One day I randomly said to my mother that I might try cross stitch. Oops. She got quite excited and buried me in her old floss collection. Her idea of organisation consisted of several grocery bags, paper bags and sandwich bags shoved into two big shooping bags. Eeshhh, it took forever to organise it but organise it I did. I weeded out the piles of knotted junk floss. I sold the doubles. And triples. And quadruples and quintuples. Because despite having about 700 flosses and up to five of some threads she had a pretty limited range. I wound skein  after skein onto bobbins and stored them by number in floss boxes. She had one, I have 4 and need a 5th. Clearly organising can skip a generation 😉 After that I had no excuse not to embroider and that was about 14 months ago.

Recently she give me ‘the rest’ of her cross stitch stuff. I still haven’t mastered the art of cross stitch and never will but wow, I really need to sit that woman down and discuss hoarding. Pattern booklets, at least 10. 3 hard cover books. A stack of photocopied patterns. Hoops, so many hoops. Two handfuls of floss, several of which I needed. A bunch of her old WIP’s. Several kits.

They took over the coffee table:

Patterns and books

They took over the couch:

Hoops and threads

And because this is my mother there was a pile of unexpected rubbish that mostly took over the floor. Two ancienter than ancient knitting patterns. A magazine page. A paper bag with the lottery numbers on it. School photos of people we aren’t even related to. The first sewing project I made as a 12 yr old at high school – a pleated calico cushion cover. That sort of thing:

The detritus

So I have a project for the week. Cleaning the hoops before I put them in my growing collection, sorting the patterns into sell and keep piles and figuring out what to do with it all in general. I was vaguely thinking about how some new hoops and floss would be nice….I got a little more than I bargained for there!


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8 responses to “Careful what you wish for

  1. You sound much more organized than I am…I could learn a few things from you.

  2. rhiannon

    woah! jackpot! I don’t embroider but I would have been stoked with the hoops and the photos of random people! cool.

  3. Ha! Yes, be careful what you wish for. I would have to toss the cross stitch things…embroidery, I love, cross stitch makes me crazy!

  4. Forgot to mention…love the new header!

  5. Hettie

    WOW! I have the U.S. version… you have the NZ version. My mom just “gifted” me with a giant tupperware full of yarn, floss, patterns, hooks, needles and I dont know what else! Half done projects… it’s crazy.

    I love the new header too, it came out so beautifully!

  6. oops…bet you wished you held that thought to yourself…Sure looks like some fun sorting it all and I’m sure there will be some buried treasure.

    Haven’t forgotten about your request of the caterpillar design…just need to get a copy from the DD and scan it in.

  7. sewing/knitting/embroidery stash – the dangerous inheritance ;^)

    old stash never dies – it just gets passed along!

  8. You totally need to play the lottery numbers. And, I love your header.

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