Prized possessions

Winning the writing contest really came at a perfect time. Not that there’s ever a less than perfect time to win several thousand dollars – I’ve never found a bad time for that but right now it was never more needed. Moving to this house was….there were so many plans that didn’t work out and money got tighter and tighter and we had a lot of stress on us. For a while our relationship was in danger of collapsing. When you’re so perfectly suited for each other but your relationship falls apart due to outside influence….well it’s devastating to watch as it happens to you and there’s not much you can do. But the prize money lifted a lot of weight off us. Our bills vanished. Last weekend we had 3 magical days where it was the old us again. We laughed like we used to. Dave willingly took me to a fabric store. We went out and did ‘stuff’, rather than sleep the weekend away. To see what we can have again gave me hope.

After the bills were gone I had some fun. I got a new camera and a cellphone that doesn’t buzz. I also treated myself to a couple of much lusted after craft items. This book:

Embroidered Treasures

A treat for myself after wanting it for a very long time. This is the UK version, the US one has a different cover of a sleeping baby. Not sure how much I like the book. The photo quality is a little disappointing, the embroidery designs are very small and the project sewing seems to be more emphasised than the embroidering part which I was a little disappointed at. But overall a pretty good book and I am glad I have it. I have at least 3 of the 22 projects planned to make eventually.

And a Q Snap!! I hunted locally to buy one for a while and was always told “I think I know what you’re talking about and we had them. I don’t think we’re getting any more in.” So as much as I wanted to buy locally I got it online here.

Q Snap

I was dying to know what they are like to use. I prefer small hoops so I got the smallest Q Snap – 6″x6″. I probably could have gone up to the 8″ one which I will get eventually. I love the easy way to adjust tension by rotating the side clamps. And I love that you can put bits of fabric under them to prevent dirt marks. The project came out so clean compared to in a hoop. It’s a little tricky to start with and suits projects that have less excess fabric hanging down than this one had but I will definitely use my Q Snap often.

Then this weekend I scored big. I found just what I need for my fabric:


It is now light/mould/cat proof and semi-organised. It fits my fabrics perfectly and has a little hanging space for…something. It meant I could get rid of the second to last plastic storage tub – yippee!! Hate those things! $35 at the recycling store plus another $5 at the hardware store for shelf pins = a very happy me.



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5 responses to “Prized possessions

  1. Look at all those wonderful treasures! I’m so glad that life is looking up for ya.

  2. twolimeleaves

    Oooh. I’d love to know what you think of the Qsnap!
    Big congrats on winning the writing prize, too. (although I do think you should post the winning entry here for all to see!!) 😉

  3. You have a beautiful blog! I love all of your projects. They are just lovely!

  4. Bex

    Such a great post full of good news!
    If I rub it do you think some will come our way? XXxx

  5. Congrats on winning the contest…and on wracking up all that great stuff! 🙂

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