Almost as good

If the day ever comes that we ever find a smaller place to rent (people should not be allowed to offer more than the landlord is asking – it makes it SO much harder for us to get a look in) then there’s a very good chance Dave and I will have to *gulp* share a ‘hobby’ room. His PC’s and my sewing stuff in one room. You’ll find out why this terrifies me in a minute. I, being an industrious little beaver, have worked hard for the past few months to find a system that is as compact and efficient as I could managed on a limited budget. I saw this and wanted something like it but the drawers would have cost me about $40 on their own. Yikes! So when I saw some 2-cube bookshelves on sale for $8 each I snapped them up. It’s almost as good. I am sometimes really tired of being ‘less well off’ so learning that almost as good is perfectly acceptable has been a tough lesson.

Here, for the first time, is my craft set up. Once we move I hope to put my fabric on the shelves for easy retrieval. I tried it briefly and it worked great! Seeing what you have really helps.

craft room 01

This is the rest of my stuff, yet to be sorted. Jeez, our grass REALLY needs to be mowed.

craft room 02

THIS is what I dread. Not hard to see why I dread sharing a room with that. Last time I counted the room contained 11 PC’s, 2 servers, 7 monitors, 5 printers, a scanner, a wardrobe full of cords and boxes, more boxes roaming free and several days worth of Dave’s work clothes. Oh and a dining table(!), a desk, 2 coffee tables and 2 chairs. I decided not to count it again after that day.

computers 01

computers 02

computers 03

Sometimes I can’t help but mutter under my breath “He’s lucky I love him” LOL.



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6 responses to “Almost as good

  1. my3boysandi

    Mr Wonderfuls office looks and sounds VERY similar LOL

  2. My husband has an office on the third floor and I try not to look around too much when I go up there. I’d have a very hard time sharing my sewing room with him.

  3. I’m laughing because my husband is so similar! He claims that he “needs” all those computers and I don’t quite get it. 😉 I’m just happy that they’re in the basement and I don’t have to see them. My craft stuff is in the same room as his stuff but I don’t actually work do any work there…it’s just storage. I would love to have a set up like you do for my crafts.

  4. wow…I’m really glad jon isn’t as bad as your boyfriends. The cords, eek!

    love your new setup in your craft space…very cute

  5. I do sympathise !
    my DH ‘s office is… at his work place !
    but he still spreads enough stuff all over the house for me to have to… bite my tongue

  6. Glad my old craft space could provide some inspiration/ideas. Alas, I’ve moved twice since that apartment (which I still miss) and haven’t been able to put together an equally good set up yet.

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