I see red

It’s not hard to guess my favourite colour these days. I don’t see any immediate lack of love for redwork and red fabric – although when I am done with it I wonder how long it will be until I can stand the sight of it again!

I finished my wall hanging at last. It originally started life as a sewing machine cover, and while my sewing machine is still covered with that ugly acrylic thing it came with my wall is a little bit prettier. The fabric has a slightly crooked pattern and my measuring went slightly wonky as a result but in the end I really love the colour, the redwork patches I did and how it all came together. I’ve made myself little things before but this is the first substantial ‘me’ thing I have made and I love it.

Wall hanging

I also made this embroidery travel pouch. I made one a long time ago and it really saved my sanity at the last family dinner! Plus I hated having to put away my project to have to go out right when inspiration was striking.

Portable embroidery pouch

This one is version 2.0, with the outer pouch which makes all the difference for ease of use. I’m totally craving this one as my own but if I kept everything I made I’d be in trouble! You can find it in the shop and if you put ‘lovestitches blog’ in the comment section when purchasing this pouch you’ll get $2 shopping.



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8 responses to “I see red

  1. I love the wall hanging, it’s absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Glenda

    What a beautiful wallhanging!! Love the red fabric and redwork patches.

    Where did you get the sewing notion embroidery designs? I could use some of those — I freehanded some on a project recently and, well, drawing is so not my thing LOL!!

  3. Hey there, just wanted to say how much I love your wallhanging! It’s awesome!

  4. cute! I want to make a redwork quilt…. but I know I probably don’t have the patience!

  5. I never get tired of red either…it’s all over my house. The wall hanging is so pretty, and the embroidery bag…what a great idea.

  6. this is darling! I love the redwork and your red and white fabric. Beautiful job!

  7. they are both gorgeous – i love the idea of the embroidery bag!!

  8. As always, perfectly stitched…and I love the fabric you’ve used for the wall hanging! It’s a little funky, which is the perfect backdrop for the sweet redwork!

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