Sunny Spring Stitching

As Spring slowly gets underway we’re having the odd sunny day, sometimes several in a row. After the usual long, wet winter it’s always so welcome to feel a little sun beating down on us. And when I find myself with a whole sunny weekend afternoon with a sinkful of dishes to ignore what better way to ignore it than to sit and embroider in the sunshine? I’m working my way through a small pile of half finished projects and it feels so good!


(I’m at that point where I have about 5 projects half done and none finished. Hopefully I’ll have more to show soon.)



Filed under embroidery

5 responses to “Sunny Spring Stitching

  1. Wow, talk about flawless stitching! This looks great, and so sweet! šŸ™‚

  2. Very cute! A sunny weekend and crafting sounds like a very good time to me.

  3. kirsty

    Gorgeous šŸ™‚ Look at those perfect stitches!!

  4. Lovely! Your stitches are so even and neat. I’m planning to start on my first redwork project this weekend after being inspired by your work.

  5. You have the most perfect and neat stitches of anyone I’ve ever seen. It’s CRAZY.

    My stitching always looks hurried, probably because I’m usually trying to watch TV or get easily distracted whilst stitching. I did finally finish a tea towel I started a year ago.

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