Picking the needle back up

It’s been a little light on the completed embroideries around here for quite a while but finally I have picked up the hoop and needle and created a small pile of waste threads. Ahhh, waste threads. Is there anything more rewarding to a stitcher?

8.5 months after I completed the first season I finally retrieved season 2 out of the UFO pile and finished it:


If I go by the current schedule I will be finished with the set of four around Christmas ’09. I may have to pick up the pace a bit. I also completed something I am very proud of. The first embroidery from my Japanese embroidery book. I bought this book…last year is my guess but long enough ago that I have no idea when or from what site. That’s as clear a sign as any that I needed to use the book!! I am hoping to get a second book very soon and so I thought I better justify actually having one before I get a second. It is ISBN9784834724219 with Alice in Wonderland on the front.

Japanese girl #1

One of the cheeks didn’t turn out very well even after I redid it but at some point I had to say enough and call it finished. I mostly stitched the flowers freehand too, which makes me extra proud.

Japanese girl #1


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9 responses to “Picking the needle back up

  1. Those are very cute! This is a skill that I’d like to start learning this winter.

  2. Love your Sunbonnet Sue…very Autumnal! :o)

  3. The japanese girl is so sweet!

  4. your stitches are so neat! I love the girl in the kimono. Great work!

  5. I think they’re adorable! The little Japanese girl is my fave of the two and I’m super impressed w/your freehand (and might I add NEAT) stitches!

  6. Like the autumn redwork – exactly how I’m feeling today…

  7. They are adorable, well done! xx

  8. I love the Japanese girl and your freehand flowers are great.

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