Embroidery book reviews: part 1

Well last time I told you I got 7 embroidery books out of the library and blogged a photo of them so you had to have known this was coming. Between those 7 and the 7 I own I thought I would share my absolute favourites with you and what I like and dislike about them. (btw have you checked out Good Reads? I’m addicted. Add me if you’re a member.) So today I’m going to review the first three books that really jumped out at me. Also my transfer pencil is the size of a tiny french fry and too small to use so this is a good distraction.

Book 1. The Anchor Book of Free-Style Embroidery Stitches:

For me this is a go-to book. I get this out of the library all the time. It’s over 10 years old and showing it – the patterns are pretty out of style. But the stitches, of which there are a lot, are well covered with good diagrams and stitched examples. The real reason I like this book and come back to it a lot is the size. It’s about the size of a CD case. There are more modern books with this information but none so perfectly sized for tucking in your bag with your stitching stuff and taking to the beach or the kids swimming/ballet lesson to teach yourself a new stitch.

2. Anchor Complete Embroidery Course:

You want this book. You’re jealous of me for having read this book. Trust me, it’s good. I copied almost all the patterns and intend to be very busy stitching them once I get a new transfer pencil. I’m not a huge fan of Anchor threads – which they use, being an Anchor book and all, I found they tended to knot more than DMC but there’s DMC/Anchor thread conversion charts available for free online so it’s not a major issue. This book covers a lot. It covers the ways to transfer your pattern, with pro’s and con’s for each. Different ways to mount your finished project and how to start and finish off your stitching neatly. Plus SO MANY different stitches. The instructions are so clear I think that even I could master blanket stitch with this book. The patterns all feature multiple stitches, which is the perfect way to challenge yourself. This book is my top pick.

3. The New Crewel by Katherine Shaughnessy:

This book is a lot of fun. Some really amazing finished projects from it have popped up on Flickr lately. Crewel is done with crewel wool but I wouldn’t let a lack of wool stop me stitching something from this book. Not really a total beginners book but it does cover the stitches used and a little crewel history. The patterns provided are a little small, you’d have to blow them up on a scanner or photocopier but it’s worth it. They’re fun, very modern and interesting. This book is slick.


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  2. You won a free pattern from pimpstitch!
    email me back with your choice 🙂

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