More free vintage embroidery patterns

I found some more embroidery transfers in my stash! They’re really old but very pretty so I scanned them to keep and share. I’ll probably pass on the originals to someone else, it seems that no matter how old transfers get and how ratty they become the thought of throwing out these old treasures still seems wrong. So here’s a couple of butterfly patterns for you. I’m still working on sharing those large patterns but scanning in 4 parts and trying to match them up…driving me nuts!! Even my favourite panorama stitching program refused to help. I may try photocopying next, so I can copy more of the pattern at once. The patterns are starting to flake and I want to preserve the awesome designs as fast as possible.

butterfly 2

butterfly 1

Happy stitching!


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7 responses to “More free vintage embroidery patterns

  1. I love that second butterfly best!

  2. connie stewart

    do you have any candlewicking patterns, love to use them in quilting. really enjoy you website !!!!!!!!

  3. Dorrice Rose

    I saw a quilt of an old fashioned lady and it was all embroidered in red on white background. I would like to find this pattern. Can you help me.

    Dorrice Rose

  4. Jasmine

    Lovely butterflies. feels so lovely to look at them. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Pat Barrows

    How do I get this pattern?

  6. Irene Gidman

    Love the vintage feel of your patterns Thank you.

  7. I am looking for song birds, a wren to be specific. Do you have any of theses?

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