Cat burglar

This is a tale of a cat. The cat who aged me about 5 years in only 2 weeks. My very biggest fear is intruders, especially when I am in the house. I keep my doors locked. But we do have a cat flap on the laundry door. Not big enough for a human, but more than big enough for our cat to get out. Or other cats to get in. And in one did get.

He was oh so quiet at first. I don’t know how long he got away with it for. Any time of the day or night we starting to hear the cat door. Usually I realised that our cat was on the bed at the time and I started to get annoyed at this visiting cat. I even ran outside naked once in an attempt to identify the cat. I didn’t have my glasses on though so I couldn’t even see and all I did is potentially give the neighbour a fright. I got more and more wound up over it too. He is FAST. I have only seen him once, sitting on the fence after I came running outside (dressed that time) to try identify the little felon. He THUNDERS through the cat door, other times you only knows he’s inside when you hear him eating. Moving the cat bowl further into the house made no difference, he came further in to find it.

I was becoming mildly obsessed. He was like greased lightning and I never got a glimpse other than that once. 2pm, 2am, 5am, 8am, he visited when he wanted, but mostly at night. Closing the cat door didn’t work either, Rastus literally hit the cover until we let him out. And “the black cat” (said in an indignant tone) in. I was having a bout of insomnia and my tension over this was making it worse. Finally we hit on the answer. The simplest one of course. Shut the laundry door at night so he can’t get into the rest of the house. Duh. Rastus ate his food without worry and I had two blissful nights sleeping right through til morning.

And then the little ******* got us back. He came to ‘visit’ earlier. He’s like one of those evil robots that gain self awareness and go on an unstoppable rampage that only the hero can end. He figured out how to still get free food. I actually caught him the other day, after finding him in our front yard I chased him off and then realised I should see if he had an ID tag. He did, but what would I say to his owners? “Keep your greedy cat in at night so we can let our greedy cat out.” Yeah, they’ll go for that.



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6 responses to “Cat burglar

  1. Oh my…LOL! I was just thinking that we need to install a cat door because our cat wakes us up around 4am asking to go out and it drives me crazy. I guess there’s quite a downside to that idea. 😉

  2. Hey there,

    I adore your blog! And because you inspire me, I am passing an award along to you! Find about it here on my blog:

    Hugs, Kristi

  3. eva

    I have tagged you 🙂
    check out my blog 🙂

  4. Thank you for celebrating 100 post with me!

    My nanna used to have the same problem with an “extra” cat seeking in the house. She stopped the visitor by swapping her cat flap for one which was ‘unlocked’ by a magnet on her cats’ collars xo

  5. funny story, thanks for sharing. fyi, my cats are innocent! hehe!

  6. I can only imagine your frusturation, but this cracks me up! Giggling still…!

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